Do I Need an Adjustable Height Table?

Do I Need an Adjustable Height Table?Adjustable height tables aren’t just for individuals who would rather work standing up for the betterment of their health, they’re ideal for several other individuals as well. An adjustable table is ideal for small children, individuals who are in wheelchairs, and individuals who require walking aids. One of the great things about adjustable height tables is that their use is not restricted to those who work at a desk all day. Consider getting an adjustable height table if you work on crafts in home or if you work in your garage.

Elementary Children

Elementary and middle school is a time of great physical change in boys and girls. Students might not be able to get as much work done when working together at a table that is too small for one student and too big for another. An adjustable height table makes for a comfortable work environment for everyone. Now students don’t have to worry about being embarrassed sitting hunched over at a too short table or sitting at a too tall table that extends higher than chest level.

Not only are adjustable tables more comfortable for students, they also promote better grasp, prehension, and reach. Now younger students can enjoy proximal stability of their trunk and head as well as unrestricted motion of their scapula and humerus.

Individuals in Wheelchairs

Those who are in wheelchairs will often need higher clearance in order that their wheelchair can comfortably fit underneath a table or desk. Anyone who is in a wheelchair might be more comfortable with an electronic adjustable table since they more than likely won’t have the leverage that they need to adjust the height of the table while they’re seated underneath it. Electronic adjustable tables also allow those in wheelchairs to change the height of the table faster.

Individuals With Walking Aids

Men and women who lean on walkers and walking aids usually don’t have the balance necessary to use the manual cranks on adjustable tables. Tables with adjustable heights can be of great use for families where several different people sit at a table and have to adjust the height. This might also be the case for users who would rather stand while a person using a walking stick might prefer to sit. This is another example where electronic adjustable tables will be more useful.

Anyone Looking to Improve Their Health

Adjustable height tables are also ideal for individuals who would rather not sit all day while working. The reason it’s so unhealthy to sit for extended periods of time is that doing so decreases the electrical activity in your muscles, which can lead to a drop in your body’s ability to burn calories. Rather than attending meetings sitting down, it might be more beneficial for employees to gather around an adjustable table in order that they can pay more attention and retain information that much easier during meetings. Additional health benefits of standing while working include greater core strength, lower blood pressure, and efficient blood circulation.

If you’re looking to improve your health or your overall comfort level while sitting or standing at a table, consider purchasing an adjustable height table for your home, office, or school.

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