Collect valuable items and become wealthy

How to Collect Valuable things?

Collecting valuable things is not just a hobby. But it’s also an Investment activity for some great investors around the world. Yes, You won’t believe me but this is true. Collecting Valuable things is not just the hobby but it’s an Investment and many people have made fortunes out of it.

Why do people collect/keep valuable but meaningless things?

Well, because some people simply love to do this. While for some smart people, it’s the game of Investments and making money out of money. Yes, Collectible Things are the Asset. You own a Home, Stocks, Bonds, Gold, Real Estate, Mutual Funds and Businesses. What are these and why you hold them? Well, these are the Assets and they will appreciate in their price over the time. I’m sure you’ve heard of people buying houses cheaper than what they are worth nowadays. Therefore they can sell them now and make money on that sale.

The same thing is true for collectible things. Collectible items are the Assets. They appreciate in its price over the time just like your Stocks & Mutual Funds portfolio or a piece of Real Estate. Collectible items will provide you with Capital Gains just like Stocks and Real Estate.

Don’t underestimate the potential of the collectible items. Many people around this world have made fortunes out of them.

10 Popular Things to Collect

Now, which are the most popular things to collect and profit from? Here is a list. The following are the most popular things to collect.

01) Stamps

02) Coins

03) Birds

04) Reptiles

05) Insects – Insects and Butterflies

06) Books/Comic Books

07) Action Figures – Plastic or Ceramic Version of the Character

08) Post Cards / Pictures

09) Wine

10) Phone Cards

However, the list is much longer than this, it also includes things such as Tattoos, Art, Ancient and rare items, Magic Cards and so on and on and on!

There is a rule of Demand and supply here. Means the supply is limited or constant and the demand is increasing over the time. And that’s why the collectors/investors of such valuable things are sometimes ready to pay you huge bucks for any of the above valuable things you own.

So next time when you think about collectible items, think that you are going to invest your money in collectibles that will make you money in the future, and that is the true power of investing.

P.S. feel free to add more items to the list of collectibles, because tastes of our generations change. Remember how Beanie Babies were so cool way back when?


  1. dont forget cars :DD

  2. paula schultze says:

    jewelry…silver, gold, copper or unusual.

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