Upcoming P!nk and Dallas Green Collab: rose ave.

you+me (roseave)

New project from Dallas Green and P!nk You+Me is the new collaboration between Dallas Green (City and Colour) and P!nk (Alecia Moore). Recently the pair disclosed a video on how this new and exciting project came together. You can see the video below. Their upcoming album entitled “Rose Ave” is expected to be released on […]

Adapting to Mobile Social Marketing [Infographic]

Social Networking through Mobile Devices

Smart infographic analyzing marketing geared towards mobile devices. Published by dailygraphs Source: Unified

Word of Mouth Marketing the right way

organo gold crown diamond team jabronee's pizza

We are dealing with money and most of us are sick and tired of being sick and tired from being bombarded with deals and business opportunities in person or online and it’s very difficult to even spend more than $50 on something that may look lucrative.  That is why word of mouth marketing works wonders […]

The truth about sitting down – “sitting is killing you”

Sitting is killing you, the truth about sitting down

Find out how you can get out of your chair alive via our infographic below!  

10 Words You Need To Stop Mispelling

10 Words You Need To Stop Mispelling

We’ve all been there, done that – this infographic examines top 10 misspelled words that commonly get under our skin at times. Enjoy the vocab lesson =)

Maximize Your Media Efficiency [infographic]

ad media Efficiency infographic TradeSpotting - NEWS

eMarketer predicts 2016 media ad spend level at $189 billion. Internet and Mobile ad revenue is always on the rise.

Social Media Winter Is Coming [infographic]

social media winter is coming infographic

The Order of the Owls provides the largest travel between the largest houses in the realm. Check out this infographic for further details in your success with social media conquest.

4 Reasons You Should Always Background Check Your Twitter Followers

4 Reasons You Should Always Background Check Your Twitter Followers

So you’re working hard to build your Twitter following. Every day you tweet sharp witticisms, helpful advice, and share links that you think your audience will find useful. And your results are paying off: more people have hit the “Follow” button every time you check. But as your subscriber list grows, you should beware of […]

The Biggest Mistakes that Businesses Make on Twitter

The Biggest Mistakes that Businesses Make on Twitter

Twitter has become one of the most useful tools for businesses that want to interact with their clients and other companies. Using Twitter improperly, though, can give your business a bad name. Just look at these 4 biggest mistakes that businesses make on Twitter. Mistake #1: Everything is About You… All the Time Companies that […]

Reasons Why Webmasters Obtain Link Building Services for Their Websites

Reasons Why Webmasters Obtain Link Building Services for Their Websites

For website owners and online business who want to make it on the Internet, they must take advantage of a variety of effective SEO and back linking services of an established SEO firm that will implement the best search engine optimization processes. These days, one of the SEO services that are recognized to be highly […]

Are You Stuck to the Web? – Internet Usage [infographic]

man sitting at the table with laptop

Hello, my name’s Matthew and I’m an internet addict. No, just kidding about being addicted to the web (I hope), but I often wonder what I’d do without it. Even though I strive to maintain a balance between my “online time” and “real world time”, I must admit – every aspect of my life depends […]

Toilet Paper Art [img]

toilet paper art

Unique toilet paper roll art.

What will the state of small business look like in 2013?

the state of small business in 2013 at my time matters blog via aweber

I’ve been an avid user of Aweber for many years. Overtime it has evolved and if you’re just starting to get into online marketing – setting up an email opt-in form for your business should be one of  your main priorities.  Emails are still the cellphones of the internet, doesn’t matter what people are saying […]

Is Email Dead? I Don’t Think So!

Is Email Dead? It doesn't look like email is going to die