Panoramic Views over London When You Book a Helicopter Ride


  London is England’s capital city and a very popular tourist destination welcoming thousands of visitors every year. This fantastic city is overflowing with world famous icons from the Queen’s part time home, Buckingham Palace, to the Houses of Parliament and the London Eye. While you can choose the traditional means of walking round the […]

Whats Hot in the Restaurants 2013 Infographic

whats hot in the Restaurants 2013 Infographic

An infographic that has surveyed top professional chefs in regards to restaurant costs, ingredients, technology trends, menus  and much more to better understand the new transition in modern culinary.

Discover Why Bora Bora is the Perfect Romantic Getaway Destination


Bora Bora is a well known honeymoon destination. It is also known as a great place to renew vows, get married or celebrate an important anniversary. The combination of extreme natural beauty with a relaxing culture and plenty of places to be alone with your love is just part of its appeal. If you want […]

Single? Why a Move Abroad is Still a Good Idea!

Single? Why a Move Abroad is Still a Good Idea!

We love talking about breaking the stereotypical ‘rules’ about moving abroad here at WI. After all, if you’re reading this and considering a move, you may already be breaking the rules yourself! Have a family? You should probably be living in suburbia and hosting your kid’s birthday parties at Chuck E Cheese. A young, professional […]

Having Food in The Thai Way!


No matter who you are, where you live and what you’ve achieved in life, food remains most of ours’ weakness and it is food that bonds us with people. If you’re a foodie, well then, here’s to you. If you get tempted to have something because of its aroma, just in case you prefer spicy […]

Exploring Kuranda With Family – The Village In The Rainforest


Hardly 25 northwest of Cairns is a totally picturesque, away-from-this-world mountain retreat. This incredible retreat is surrounded by a lush World Heritage Rainforest, making it the only modern settlement within a rainforest in the world. Welcome to Kuranda Village. Things To See And Enjoy In Kuranda Village This region’s amazing natural beauty, its vibrant arts […]

The Importance of Travel Insurance

inusrance travel

Travel insurance is a very important thing to have because it protects you in the event that something goes wrong while you are travelling or something goes wrong beforehand that causes you to have to cancel or postpone your trip. However, finding just the right travel insurance can be difficult to do. There are so […]

How to distinguish a Boutique Hotel in Hong Kong

How to distinguish a Boutique Hotel in Hong Kong

Boutique accommodations in Hong Kong are usually distinguished as being small-sized establishments that are either chic, hip, artsy or contemporary. Now, all of these descriptions are all very true, but there’s actually more to these luxury and lifestyle hotels than just being elegant. A boutique hotel in Hong Kong offers family accommodation as well as […]

Dream destination- London


Most tourists end up being lost in a strange country. Instead of exploring beautiful sculptures, monuments and historic places, they are left on streets encountering random scenic creations. Ignorance about numerous attractive locations can be removed by consulting a map. London has been hailed as a dream destination for many and hence tourists flock to […]

The Popularity Of Ipad POS And Its Advantages To The Restaurant Industry

The Popularity Of Ipad POS And Its Advantages To The Restaurant Industry

The ipad POS is the solution to all restaurant problems. It uses technology of a mobile phone to makes sales for restaurant businesses. This app replaced the cash register that was used in the past by restaurants. The ipad POS has gained popularity in the sector of cafe and restaurant because of its advantages. The […]

Seeing London through the Eyes of Exploration

Urban Explorers on Piccadilly Line

London is one of the most fascinating global cities that houses inhabitants from across the country and cultures that are a mixed blend of entertainment, finance, media, research & development, fashion & much more. On top of that, tourism as well as transportation forms a rich part of the ever growing attractions that are incorporated […]

What to do in Mykonos Greece


The city of Mykonos is known as Chora, a common name when the capital city and the island it inhabits share the same name. Modern society has not escaped the mystical wonderland of ancient culture, mixing traditional values with youth culture and tourism. The beaches are dotted with tanned, oiled bodies, soaking up the coastal […]

7 Cool Fictional Cars Recreated in the Real World

mystery machine flickr image by waferboard

It’s always charming when someone loves a car from a movie, TV show, or a game so much that they feel the need to replicate it in reality. Fictional vehicles are great because they’re recognizable and they stick out from the pack, but they also symbolize a lot of love by their owners. The following […]

5 Windy City Wonders

scyscrapers flickr image by Wilhelm Joys Anderson

Chicago is one of the biggest cities in the United States. The people are friendly, the activities are plentiful, and the atmosphere is upbeat. If you’re on your way to the Windy City, here are five wonders you won’t want to miss. The Art Institute of Chicago Image via Flickr by -EMR- There are several […]