The Ultimate Social Media Guide to Getting a Job [Infographic]

Ultimate Social Media Guide to Getting a Job

Credit: Neomam

How to Develop an Effective Mobile App for Business?

How to Develop an Effective Mobile App for Business?

As business world is becoming more dependent on technology for profitability and growth, presence on internet, social media and on smart phones is now a necessity for businesses. As a growing population across the globe is using smart devices and mobile phones for making their shopping choices, creating a mobile App for business is now […]

MLM: Multi Level Marketing is not reinventing the wheel, it’s still Network Marketing

what is network marketing or multi level marketing

The craze seems to be picking up again … or did it ever diminish?  More and more people are becoming interested in Multi Level Marketing, MLM in short.  Even though MLM has existed since the beginning of time, most people are still unsure of what it actually is and how it works.  There have also […]

Utopia – The Perfect Government

Utopia - The Perfect Government

In the midst of all this economic crisis and politic corruption I can’t stop wondering, what and how would the perfect government be? A few months ago I read a book by Thomas More called Utopia – he imported this word from the Greek – and the book was all about describing a perfect society […]

Affirmations without emotional intent don’t work

Affirmations without emotional intent don't work

Affirmations Don’t Work Unless … Affirmations without emotional intent don’t work. You can stand in front of a mirror and tell yourself how great you are all day but no change will come. Those thoughts have to be associated with your positive emotions. On average, a human processes 50,000 to 70,000 thoughts a day, even […]

Billionaire Universities

04) Yale University – 19 Billionaires

The List of American Universities which have produced Billionaires Let’s discuss various Billionaire Universities in USA. We’ll start from the top University of most billionaires … and make our way down. This is some interesting stuff. 01) Harvard University – 50 Billionaires Yes, Harvard tops the Rank. It has 50 Billionaires in its Alumni. Bill […]

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates

Haha, they sure do know how to have a conversation. Good stuff. From Mac to PC.

Are you happy?

are you happy?

This flowchart will show you the way … are you happy?