15 Cool Ideas For When You’re Bored

Bored Charlie

From time to time you may feel like everything you do to relax is just not ‘hitting the spot’ for you at the time.  You might be bored with those things you normally do like watching tv shows/movies, play video games, stalking your friends on facebook, or looking at those same news sites.  It’s times like […]

The Ultimate Social Media Guide to Getting a Job [Infographic]

Ultimate Social Media Guide to Getting a Job

Credit: Neomam

Why Should We Give

The Spirit of Giving

“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” ― Mother Teresa There is so much kindness that can be found in the simplest act of giving something of yourself to others unconditionally.  When the motivation behind that act is only to find joy in the act of giving, an abundance of joy […]

Adapting to Mobile Social Marketing [Infographic]

Social Networking through Mobile Devices

Smart infographic analyzing marketing geared towards mobile devices. Published by dailygraphs Source: Unified

Coffee VS Beer – the Good and the Bad – Infographic

coffee vs beer benefits

How Actual Keylogger Can Assist You

actual keylogger

This post brought to you by Keylogger Company. The content and opinions expressed below are that of My Time Matters Blog. Actual Keylogger is a must for any computer user. It helps system administrators keep an eye on their systems. Helps managers to have complete control over their company’s computer usage. Helps parents to know […]

How Will You Be Impacted by the Cessation of Smoking?

How Will You Be Impacted by the Cessation of Smoking?

When you quit smoking, you will experience a number of positive health changes while also undergoing a number of challenges. There is a very specific timeline that starts the moment that you stop smoking, as the changes begin to occur almost immediately. Understanding the process that your body is undergoing to positively change your health […]

Do I Need an Adjustable Height Table?

Do I Need an Adjustable Height Table?

Adjustable height tables aren’t just for individuals who would rather work standing up for the betterment of their health, they’re ideal for several other individuals as well. An adjustable table is ideal for small children, individuals who are in wheelchairs, and individuals who require walking aids. One of the great things about adjustable height tables […]

Latest Gadgets to Increase Office Communication

Livescribe Echo Smartpen

Did you know that the right telecommunications systems can potentially increase productivity, heighten business efficiency and save you money long-term? It’s possible with the right equipment and systems tailored to suit your business. At Com2 we are driven by our passion to provide high-quality telecommunication solutions to all our clients across all industries. Have a look at some […]

The benefits of taking a daily break from technology

The benefits of taking a daily break from technology

Finding it difficult to live without your smartphone? Going online the first opportunity you get? Carrying your tablet or iPad with you wherever you go? Maybe it is time to take a break from all this technology. The fact is that you would not be alone in your digital addiction. According to a report in […]

A Brief History of the Illuminated Sign

A Brief History of the Illuminated Sign

There have been lots of songs about illuminated/neon signs, and the 80s made them a staple of many MTV videos, but the science behind them, hasn’t necessarily translated into popular consciousness.  Neon signs work by filling glass tubes, formed in a decorative shape or letters, with a gas.  Passing a high-voltage electrical current through this […]

Reasons to Use Stainless Steel Premier Posts

Reasons to Use Stainless Steel Premier Posts

Research shows that banners mounted on stainless steel premier posts are used all over the world. They are used in many different industries, restaurants, and cafes as a quick and easy way of reaching thousands of potential customers in a cost effective way. It is one of the staples of any advertising or publicity campaign. […]

Latest Productivity Apps You Need To Download

cell phone misuse prevention

Looking for the latest productivity apps in 2014’s competitive market is definitely not as difficult as Leonardo Dicaprio looking for his maiden Oscar. In fact, finding apps to suit your lifestyle’s needs and wants have become simpler with the help of this article and the Internet of course. Whether you’re downloading these apps using your […]

How to be a Stand out Intern

how to be a standout intern

One step above student, but not quite an employee, the role of the intern can be intimidating and challenging. Thrown into the deep end that is work experience, you face the possible tests of learning and remembering people’s names, proving your worth, doing the tasks that no one else wants to do, and working for […]