The truth about sitting down – “sitting is killing you”

Sitting is killing you, the truth about sitting down

Find out how you can get out of your chair alive via our infographic below!  

10 Words You Need To Stop Mispelling

10 Words You Need To Stop Mispelling

We’ve all been there, done that – this infographic examines top 10 misspelled words that commonly get under our skin at times. Enjoy the vocab lesson =)

Your Brain on Beer vs Coffee – Infographic

your brain on beer vs coffee

A new yard game for your parties, BBQ’s and family reunions!

A new yard game for your parties, BBQ’s and family reunions! mtmblog

Have you ever wanted to switch things up at your party with a new game? Have you ever wanted to bring a fun, new game to your family reunion or BBQ? There is an addictive new yard game that has become popular in Europe and Australia, and is starting to gain traction in the U.S. […]

Why We Need the “I Don’t Care” Button on Facebook [Infographic]

why we need i dont care facebook button on facebook

Facebook can be quite an irritating place at times, don’t you think? I am certain you’ve had those times when you were scrolling down through your feed to see nothing but boring, useless posts from people you don’t really like that much anyway. In that sense haven’t you ever wanted to click “dislike” instead of […]

Beautiful, bizarre, humorous and dangerous animals

bird fish hunting

  This is what 1.5 million birds looks like   Ancient dinosaur looking fish   This beamer can conquer some intense terrain   Deer fawn … such a cute little thing   Baby dragon   Batman who?   Bear taking it easy   What a colorful bird in such an amazing setting   Get a […]

These Dock-jumping Dogs Are Guaranteed to Make You Smile

Dog jumping competition held in Richmond, Virginia on May 19, 2012, My Time Matters Blog.

Every May, Richmond, Virginia hosts a huge outdoor sports festival called Dominion Riverrock and it attracts participants and spectators from all over the U.S. and other countries. Richmond is one of the few cities in America that has a whitewater rapids river (The James) running through it and an extensive running and biking trail system in the […]

Artists Let Imaginations Soar in Street Painting Festival

This is an image of a street painting from February 2012. It depicts the characters Beavis and Butthead.

My advice for any city that wants to give its downtown area an instant upgrade and have a lot of fun in the process – hold a street painting festival like Lake Worth, Florida does every year. Just block off a street, offer some cool prizes for the best creations, and then let a bunch […]

50 Funny, Bizzare and Creative Tombstones

I am really not dead, don't believe these American lies

Have the courage to live, anyone can die. – Robert Cody Some people see things that are and ask, Why? Some people dream of things that never were and ask, Why not? Some people have to go to work and don’t have time for all that. – George Carlin             […]

Warning: Facebook May Cause Insecurities


Online Dating University and Mashable recently provided a fantastic look into the hidden effects and dangers of Facebook when navigating the landmines of relationships. This is so funny and so true!

15 Interesting things you didn’t know about The Simpsons

15 Interesting things you didn't know about The Simpsons

15 Interesting things you didn’t know about The Simpsons “D’oh!” is now listed in the Oxford dictionary Takes 6 months to produce an episode Check out the image below to find interesting Simpsons facts and more

Crazy, Bizarre, Funny Pictures

my time matters blog one liners 1 liners humor

Crazy, Bizarre, Funny Pictures ^ At least it’s not the ocean ^ When you can’t find a baby sitter … just bring your kid to the bar, they don’t stay up that late anyway ^ Cheers! ^ Great timing   ^ Where is my candy yo?!?! ^ Sick pizza making skillz ^ No fish for […]

Funny, Bizarre, Crazy Pictures

monkey fuck you

Funny, Bizarre, Crazy Pictures ^ Haha, this is pretty terrible ^ What an unfortunate way to get busted ^ Self-explanatory “perception” test ^ It sure is a good idea, not sure if it looks like one haha ^ This might actually beat the double rainbow ^ Busted ^ This is a priceless holy shit expression […]

Bizarre, Funny, Crazy Pictures

brak funny break sign

Bizarre, Funny, Crazy Pictures   ^ Who let this 5 year old work ^ Hope she doesn’t fall backwards, the baby looks comfortable though   ^ This dog’s Halloween costume is tight, better late than never ^ Superdog to the rescue, another cool looking Halloween costume ^ Ghetto christmas tree