Upcoming P!nk and Dallas Green Collab: rose ave.

you+me (roseave)

New project from Dallas Green and P!nk You+Me is the new collaboration between Dallas Green (City and Colour) and P!nk (Alecia Moore). Recently the pair disclosed a video on how this new and exciting project came together. You can see the video below. Their upcoming album entitled “Rose Ave” is expected to be released on […]

A Brief History of the Illuminated Sign

A Brief History of the Illuminated Sign

There have been lots of songs about illuminated/neon signs, and the 80s made them a staple of many MTV videos, but the science behind them, hasn’t necessarily translated into popular consciousness.  Neon signs work by filling glass tubes, formed in a decorative shape or letters, with a gas.  Passing a high-voltage electrical current through this […]

The Best of Minimalist Design

The Best of Minimalist Design

Minimalism, as a design concept, really grew in popularity following the end of the Second World War in the west, when – according to many commentators – traditional Japanese design influences made their way into the consciousnesses of architects, artists and composers. It is the combination of minimalism together with the popularity of science fiction […]

Are the walls closing in? How important is an offices décor to productivity?

Are the walls closing in? How important is an offices décor to productivity?

Many of us spend almost as much time at the office at home, so it makes sense to try to turn the office into a comfortable and welcoming environment. The impact of bad building design has been carefully documented, and sick building syndrome is a well-known phenomenon, but have you ever stopped to wonder whether […]

The Latest Wedding Photography Trends for the Brides


Wedding is often the most precious occasion for most women and compromising on wedding photography is a strict no-no for them. Wedding photography is an evolving industry that has been refined by many pro-photographers who have specialized in wedding photography only. Introducing new techniques and style is a calculated business move for them which has […]

Turn Your Bedroom Into a Mini Recording Studio

Turn Your Bedroom Into a Mini Recording Studio

The idea may sound rather strange and expensive, but more and more young people are turning their bedrooms into budget recording studios. Recording music at home is something that’s become attractive to many for several reasons. First and foremost – if done properly and efficiently – it could work out significantly cheaper than constantly paying […]

5 Most Creative Websites of 2013

IndoFolio my time matters blog

Thousands of new websites are created each day across the globe. With literally millions of sites clogging up the net, you need to do something extra special if you want yours to stand out in 2013. Here are 5 of the most creative and inspirational web designs out there: Bagigia Image via bagigia.com If good […]

Toilet Paper Art [img]

toilet paper art

Unique toilet paper roll art.

Check Out These Epic-sized Examples of Public Art

Richmond Virginia street art robots photo credit: Matthew Killorin

I’ve always been a fan of outdoor art, and I happen to live in Richmond, Virginia, a city with a growing number of impressive, large-scale murals.  On a recent hike around the downtown area of Richmond, I took these photos of my favorite works and thought I’d share them with you. I did my best […]

New Film ‘Prometheus’ is a Sci-Fi Puzzle

Noomi Rapace as Dr. Elizabeth Shaw in Prometheus - a film from Twentieth Century Fox

Are you a fan of the classic 1979 science fiction movie, Alien? If you are, then I’m betting you’ve already seen or are planning to see Prometheus, the highly anticipated new film by Alien director, Ridley Scott. I’ve been waiting to see Prometheus ever since I heard it was being made two years ago, so I […]

50 cool scenery images, places and spots

awesome view of islands

Kick ass view of islands below   Beautiful Norway   Cathedral made out of beer   View of London from a plane view   Some clear water   Fiery sky   Badass air bubble reflection   House in the middle of nature   Slick tree house   Crooked forest in Poland   Dandelion at sunset […]

Cool Places: The Museum of Edgar Allan Poe

This is a digitally manipulated photograph of a bust of Edgar Allan Poe, 4/21/12. My Time Matters Blog

Richmond, Virginia, is a city full of museums, and a person could spend years exploring all of the art and artifacts that these institutions offer. I must admit that I’m woefully behind on my plan to visit each and every museum here in Virginia’s capitol, but I’m making progress. For example, on a recent Saturday […]

Cool Places: Wabi-Sabi Sushi in Petersburg, Virginia

The sign for the restaurant, Wabi-Sabi.

I admit, I’m something of a foodie and so I’m always looking for interesting restaurants to check out. One of my recent finds was a great sushi place called Wabi-Sabi, in Petersburg, Virginia. A small town in central Virginia might not seem like the most likely place for awesome sushi, but don’t let the location […]

Artists Let Imaginations Soar in Street Painting Festival

This is an image of a street painting from February 2012. It depicts the characters Beavis and Butthead.

My advice for any city that wants to give its downtown area an instant upgrade and have a lot of fun in the process – hold a street painting festival like Lake Worth, Florida does every year. Just block off a street, offer some cool prizes for the best creations, and then let a bunch […]