Billionaire Universities

The List of American Universities which have produced Billionaires

Let’s discuss various Billionaire Universities in USA. We’ll start from the top University of most billionaires … and make our way down.

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01) Harvard University – 50 Billionaires

Harvard University – 50 Billionaires

Yes, Harvard tops the Rank. It has 50 Billionaires in its Alumni. Bill Gates … Harvard drop out student. Another famous personality is Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and New York City’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

02) Stanford University – 30 Billionaires

Stanford University – 30 Billionaires

Second is Stanford University. The famous Stanford Billionaire Alumni’s are Google’s Sergey Brin and Larry Page. Stanford University was founded by the wealthy railroad tycoon Leland Stanford after the death of his son because of Typhoid fever in 1892.

03) University of Pennsylvania – 27 Billionaires

University of Pennsylvania – 27 Billionaires

The success of this university is known mostly because of Wharton Business School. Wharton graduates include junk bond king Michael Milken and SAC Capital founder Steven Cohen.

04) University of Michigan – 22 Billionaires

04) Yale University – 19 Billionaires

Michigan produced a lot of successful entrepreneurs. To name a few; Tom S. Monaghan – founder and former owner of Domino’s Pizza, Larry Page (COE: BSE 1995) – co-founder of Google, Brad Keywell – co-founder and principal of Groupon. Etc.

05) Yale University – 19 Billionaires

Yale University – 19 Billionaires

Billie Yalies include private equity whiz Stephen Schwarzman and Sears Chairman Eddie Lampert.

06) Columbia University – 15 Billionaires

Columbia University – 15 Billionaires

Columbia has awarded 17 degrees to future billionaires. Best known is Warren Buffett; the world’s richest man attended Columbia Business School to study under legendary investor Benjamin Graham.

07) Princeton University – 13 Billionaires

Princeton University – 13 Billionaires

Princeton’s 13 billionaire alumni include financier Carl Icahn, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and former eBay Chief Executive Meg Whitman.

08) Ney York University – 10 Billionaires

Ney York University – 10 Billionaire

The school has five dropouts who have gone on to become billionaires. One is Carl Icahn. After receiving a degree in philosophy from Princeton, Icahn enrolled in NYU’s medical school. Bored by all the memorization required, he jumped ship to be a stockbroker.

09) University of Chicago – 10 Billionaires

University of Chicago – 10 Billionaires

Notable University of Chicago billionaire grads include Morningstar founder Joseph Mansueto.

10) Cornell University; Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Northwestern University; University of California, Berkeley; University of California, Los Angeles; University of Southern California (tie)

Nine billionaire graduates from each

Six schools tie for ninth with nine billionaire graduates each. The most famous wealthy alumni of any of these schools might be USC’s George Lucas. He directed his first film, THX 1138, while he was still a student there. The Star Wars creator is now worth $3.9 billion.

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  3. I attended Penn for undergraduate and graduate school and that is most definitely NOT a picture of Penn. It is a lovely photo though, it is sad this lovely school has been misattributed on a few sites.

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