Best cities to start business in

Best Cities to Start a Business around the US

What are the best cities around the world to start a Business in? Where to be an Entrepreneur? Well, This article is all about the best cities in this world where you can start your own Business. There are several reasons why to start a new business in the cities. Here are a few of those reasons.

  • Cost of doing business
  • Crime rate
  • Educational attainment
  • Living costs
  • Projected income growth
  • Projected job growth
  • All of the above factors make any business viable and profitable.

    Best City to Start Business # 1 Las Vegas –

    The slowing economy in Las Vegas has created several business opportunities. During the Recession, the Real Estate of Las Vegas has hit very hard, nearly 45% and the unemployment rate is also as high as 10% and that’s why it’s a Best City in the world to start a new Business. The Housing in Las Vegas is now more affordable than in previous more than a decade. In short, there is a great Business Opportunity in this City. Ohh, and it is Vegas!!

    Best City to Start Business # 2 Portland, Oregon –

    The Portland is the second best city in the world to start a Business. Because there is a large software community over there in Portland. And not only this but like Silicon Valley, you will find lots of Venture Capitalists over there.

    Best City to Start Business # 3 – Orlando, Florida –

    Orlando, Florida is one of the Best cities in this world to start a Business. This is because government’s Entrepreneurship friendly policies. Orlando is scheduled to pump $1 billion into its downtown, an endeavor that’s going to need many hands to feed it. But the city is ready for the challenge. There are several Business opportunities in the Orlando.

    Best City to Start Business # 4 Phoenix

    Over the last 50 years, Phoenix has grown by over 50%. It’s a great place for small business owners to start. Downturn is attracting more and more startups in the city. Also, I am not sure if any of you have read the book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki, that’s where he has started his real estate business. By the way, I urge EVERYONE to read “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, if you have not done so already… again it’s a must for everyone!

    Best City to Start Business # 5 Chapel Hill, North Carolina –

    It has no international port, no airline hub and no world trade center, but that hasn’t kept Chapel Hill from becoming one of the United States’ most worldly cities. Chapel Hill’s entrepreneurial forte is building companies that are globally faceted, with businesses taking advantage of the region’s increasing connections to India, China and the Persian Gulf. So This is another place to start a Business.

    Best City to Start Business # 6 The Grower, Atlanta –

    There’s a simple formula that defines the Atlanta small-business scene: Big growth equals big opportunities. Service and retail businesses are in constant demand all across the metro area to serve the city’s expanding boundaries, and a full portfolio of city-backed loans, grants and tax credits, combined with a low cost of living, makes Atlanta prime real estate for entrepreneurs with franchise dreams. But this city on steroids is interested in attracting startups beyond the usual chain restaurants and dry cleaners. Also, this is what I HEARD, but there are 73% of women in that state… that’s like living at JMU lol!

    Best City to Start Business # 7 Madison, Wisconsin –

    Madison’s economy has traditionally been built on the three-legged milking stool of state government, the University of Wisconsin and agriculture. These days you can add a few extra legs for good measure, including biotech, gaming, medicine and software.

    Thus, all of the above cities are great to start a Business in.


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