Beautiful, bizarre, humorous and dangerous animals


This is what 1.5 million birds looks like

1.5 million birds


Ancient dinosaur looking fish

ancient dinosaur fish


This beamer can conquer some intense terrain

arabian bmw


Deer fawn … such a cute little thing

babe deer fawn


Baby dragon

baby dragon


Batman who?



Bear taking it easy

bear chillin


What a colorful bird in such an amazing setting

beautiful nature shot with colorful bird


Get a bigger fishing rod bro!

big ass shark bro


That’s one big snake

big ass snake


Horsefly has no chance against this bird’s eye

bird catches horse fly


Taking care of her youngins

bird feeding bug to her youngins


Hattrick baby!

bird fish hunting


Bird haz skillz

bird got skillz



bird mustache


Yes, yes they do

bitches love sunsets


Blowfish in action



Bowhead whale … well was

bowhead whale


Buds bunny

buds bunny weed


This kangaroo has been hitting the gym

buff kangaroo


Matador is in a bit of trouble

bull horn through the mouth throat


This hide and seek didn’t go as planned

cat in a glass jar


Just mouse slingin’

cat and mouse crazy shot


Who’s the unlucky pigeon?

cat on a prowel vs pigeons


Chill out for a sec bro

chill out bro


Chubaka is commanding this vessel



Close call with an alligator

close call with an alligator


Such a colorful chameleon

colorful chameleon


Crazy turtle looking creature

crazy turtle thing


Crocodile jump

crocodile jumps to catch a bird


This dog absolutely loves this popsicle

delicious ice cream


Just saying cheeeeeesssseeeeeeee

dog cheesin it


Dog hates the bath time

dog hates bath time


Just chillin’ out bro

dog just chillin bro


Another dog pad user

dog pad


Let the week begin

dog pissing on a dog


Riding like a boss

dog riding like a boss


Washing that grin off

dogs before and after the bath


Loving the sunshine

dogs loving the sunray


Unproportionally sharing …

dogs sharing


Taking care of her young

duck carrying babies


Just trying not to get wet around here

duck chillin


Either way it’s not gonna go smooth for the fish …

eagle about to destroy a fish


Hopefully he’s wearing a few layers under that jacket

eagle attacks camera man


End of story for road runner

end of story for road runner


Epic bird cleaning shot

epic bird cleaning shot


Everyone wants these nuts

everyone wants these nuts


Do you see it?

face within elephant


Fire ant wins – ants can carry weight up to 10 times greater than their body weight

fire ant gets the snail


Flying lizard found in Indonesia

flying lizard found in Indonesia


Taking it easy today

frog chillin


This salad is fresh as they come

frog in a salad


Get well soon pigeon …

get well soon pigeon


New species being created

giraffe fucking a donkey


This is what you call a good deer hunting season

good deer hunting season


Hairless bear

hairless bear


Happiest dog ever

happiest dog ever


Happy elephant

happy elephant


This dog looks like it has tendencies to be missing

have you seen this dog - missing dog


Dog finds a perfect spot for a hot summer day

hot summer day for this dog


Hummingbird vs snake

hummingbird vs snake


Hungry camel

hungry camel eats kid


He has cometh

jesus dog asshole


Just thinking about stuff

just thinking


Justin Bieber haircut

justin beaver haircut


Just chillin’ yo

kangaroo chillin yo


Taking a nap

kitten chillin


Koyote vs vulture … whoever gets the meal

koyote vs vulture


Leaves, leaves, leaves, I love leaves, leaves!

leaves leaves dog loves leaves


Anyone interesting in finding out?

life after death dog


That beer hit the spot

lizzard walking out of the bar


Surfing llama

llama surfing


Locate the smartest dog

locate the smartest dog


This human is so cute …

look that baby is so cute says the dolphin


Man’s best friend

mans best friend


Mom parrot

mom parot


FU kid

monkey finger


Monkey giving the finger

monkey fuck you


Who needs a fishing rod anyway?

no fishing rod needed


One happy monkey

one happy monkey


Peacock spider

peacock spider


Pelican hanging out on a crocodile

pelican chillin on a crocodile


Penguin got skillz

penguin riding on a dolphin


Penis dog #1

penis dog


Penis dog #2

penis fur dog


Pillow successfully destroyed … what an asshole

pillow successfully destroyed


This seagull is a pro

pro seagull


Rabbit or duck?



Raccoons hanging out

raccoons chillin


True ninja turtle

real ninja turtle


Real ninja turtles

real ninja turtles


Artistic touch



Shark in a street flood

shark in the street flood


Spider wins this time

sick spider got the lizard


Sled dog water skiing

sled dog water skiing


One smart spider

smart spider


Monkey sniper

sniper monkey


Cat is geeking out

so much cocaine


Spider webs to the max … this happened when there was a flood

spider webs to the max on trees


Squirrels fighting

squirrel fight


Sup bro

sup bro fish


Makes sense

tastes like ass


Badass picture … serenity

tattoo monk with a tiger


Eagle fight for food

that's my fish eagle

The real Lion King

the real lion king


Thirsty elephant

thirsty elephant


Tiger love

tiger love


Doing a lil cleaning

tiger tongue cleaning


Tiger tongue

tiger tongue


Tiny monkey

tiny monkey


Treat has been spotted

treat has been spotted


Tube fun

tube bear


Moving too fast

turtle plus snail slow the fuck down


Loving the sand warmth

warm sand


Welcome to Earth

welcome to earth


Which way did they go?

which way did they go


Next in line plz

whos next in line


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