5 Surprising Uses of 3D Animation Software

5 Surprising Uses of 3D Animation Software

When most people think of digital animation, flashy CGI special effects come to mind. Today’s animation software is used to create some of the entertainment industry’s most realistic video games, movies, and animated music videos. Yet computer animation is a practical tool used in a variety of different industries aside from the entertainment field. The following are a few […]

Welcome to “The City Beautiful”: What Orlando Has to Offer You

What Orlando Has to Offer You - My Time Matters Blog

“The City Beautiful”, the nickname for Orlando, Florida, is a fitting moniker for good reason, because it’s beautiful all year long. It is a great place to live and an even better place for a vacation. Fifty-one million people a year can’t be wrong, after all (that is the number of people who choose to […]

Will the World End in 2012?: What the Psychics Have to Say

mayan agriculture to end of the world 2012

Is the world about to end? Is Doomsday really right around the corner? There are quite a few people who seem to think so. This belief stems from an ancient culture of people who had one of the most advanced calendar systems, the Mayans. Understanding the Mayans The Mayans were considered by many to be […]

Innovative Method to Increase Your Revenue: Advertise T3Leads

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Affiliate marketing is always taking on new twists and turns. There are many great affiliate programs that have been established for many years. Although we all know that publishers seek great affiliates – any affiliate network that can provide the paralel blend of the two is bound to draw attention … and traffic. Lead generation […]

How Smartphones Tracking Can Help in Increasing Business Productivity?

cell phone misuse prevention

Smartphones are playing a major role in several critical fields such as health and education by running a variety of apps. In the same way, smartphones are also helping different businesses to reduce cost, plan well, and meet the predefined official milestones on time. The most common milestone for any business would be to increase productivity. It goes […]

5 Conditions to Consider Before Borrowing

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Questions to Ask Yourself Before Borrowing Money It’s important to borrow money responsibly. Borrowing too much can leave you facing serious financial and legal trouble, so you want to make sure you aren’t overextended. If you are considering taking a loan from the bank or your local payday lender, here are some factors you should […]

Palm, Psychic, and Tarol Readings: What Does Each Offer?

Palm, Psychic, and Tarol Readings: What Does Each Offer?

Sometimes in life, we all want a little divine direction to tell us where our lives are headed. While some turn to their omnipotent being, others seek the help of a medium such as those that provide palm, psychic, and tarot card readings. However, knowing the difference between these three types of readings and what […]

Utopia – The Perfect Government

Utopia - The Perfect Government

In the midst of all this economic crisis and politic corruption I can’t stop wondering, what and how would the perfect government be? A few months ago I read a book by Thomas More called Utopia – he imported this word from the Greek – and the book was all about describing a perfect society […]

Insurance: Learn more about it!

Insurance: Learn more about it!

Insurance means having a peace of mind that you, your home, your business and belongings will be taken care of in the event of loss, damage, or death. Finding good quality insurance will take some work, but it need not require your life-savings to attain. Looking to find the cheapest insurance out there will give […]

If Time Matters Money Does Too (So Why Aren’t You in School?)

If Time Matters Money Does Too

The numbers speak for themselves. People without any college education have an unemployment rate above 9% and make a little more than half of what someone with a bachelor’s degree can earn in the same amount of time. Those with bachelor degrees have an unemployment rate nearly 4 points lower. If you climb up the […]

Featuring: K-Smooth

Featuring: K-Smooth - fuckin around

Featuring: K-Smooth K-Smooth; born as Kaijage Stambuli was born on May 26, 1992 in Mount Vernon, New York. From his earliest memories he has always been fascinated with hip hop, watching shows such as YO! MTV Raps … while other kids were watching Saturday morning cartoons. When he was 10 he moved up to Poughkeepsie, […]

Take the time to shop for a good surety bond

Take the time to shop for a good surety bond

Take the time to shop for a good surety bond While operating your own business, fulfilling legal stipulations oftentimes seems like a waste of your time. You have a lot of forms to fill out and have notarized, and you usually have to pay some sort of fee each time you submit one. To say […]

Manage Your Student Loans Better

Manage Your Student Loans Better

About the Author Evan Silverman, the CEO of WilliamPaid.com, knows a thing or two about student loans.  Prior to WilliamPaid, Evan S, along with WilliamPaid President Jeff Golding, founded and ran one of the largest student loan lenders in the country.  Understanding the plight of the burden of student loans on many, WilliamPaid is on […]