A Quick Look at Boundary’s New Album – Still Life

Boundary - Still Life (Cover)

The first time I heard Boundary was at an opening act for a Moderat concert in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and I was instantly captured. This month marks the release of Montreal producer Ghislain Poirier’s second album “Still Life” under the moniker Boundary. I can see why his style of music is described as “electronic chamber music“ on his soundcloud page seeing as how this was a term coined for his performance at The 2014 Montreal International Jazz festival. Beginning with the first wave of sounds all I wanted to do was turn off the lights, shut myself off from the world, and take a trip into my imagination. Where most music nowadays is hard thumping, bass driven beat drops, “ Still Life” offers an alternative with its minimalist, ambient approach taking the listener on a narrative of digital beats. Whether you decide that you love it or hate it, I suggest taking the time to listen to this album without distraction, focus on the rhythmic sounds echoing through your ears, and letting yourself fade in and out of consciousness. You’ll be happy you did.

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