8 Low Investment Startup Businesses

Top 8 Low Investment Startup Businesses

Do you want to start your own Business but don’t have enough capital to start your own Business? Don’t worry. This article will show you 10 low investment startup business ideas that you can begin implementing.

Before all else, the best advise that no business school in the world will teach you. And that is – START SMALL.

All the Business Schools in the world teach you to Start Big. However, when you start small, you are minimizing your chances of failure, and have more control over the business model.

Anyways, here are some business ideas with low Investment costs:

1) Blog Business

This is the hottest new business opportunity on the Internet. The valuation of Blogs is very high because the Industry is new. Bloggers like Jonathan Volk and Zack Johnson are literally making millions a month from their blogs.

In fact, take the Example of this Blog. When I first started, all I was paying for were the hosting costs. And now this blog pays for itself and more.

2) Virtual 3D Games

This may sound crazy but it’s possible. Games like Second Life offer these kinds of payouts. You can buy a virtual island in the game called Second life and build your virtual business empire and earn real money. One Chinese lady is running a million dollar Business Empire in Second Life video game. Alternatively, you can develop your Businesses and Assets in virtual games like Farmville, MafiaWars, Ultima Online, and World of Warcraft.

The Virtual Assets in these games are worth real money.

3) Facebook & iPhone Applications

You can hire a Facebook or iPhone application developer from Elance.com or any other freelancing website. Then you can build your own portfolio of Facebook applications that run without your presence and generate money while you sleep.

4) Website & Domain Flipping

Another great Business opportunity is Flipping web properties. Meaning … buying a web business or developing one from scratch and selling it via online marketplaces like Flippa.com

Many Entrepreneurs are literally making 6 figure incomes every year by buying and selling web businesses. It’s fun and exciting.

5) Lawn Care Business

All the Corporate businesses, schools, and home owners will require this service. So start providing this service in your area. You can start this Business with low investment costs and later on turn it into a big business.

6) Real Estate Consultancy

There are tons of laws and paper work in the real estate sector that an average buyer can’t process completely to obtain that real estate transaction on their own without proper information. So if you provide quality information in this area … then you can make money.

7) Information Center

Information related to anything and everything is of vital importance. Companies like different search directories are literally making bank, but the list goes on.

8 ) Pet Food Business

Yes, Pet Food. If you can provide quality pet food … expect lots of pet owners around you to buy homemade pet food for their pets. There is a huge business opportunity in this area.


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