7 Cool Fictional Cars Recreated in the Real World

It’s always charming when someone loves a car from a movie, TV show, or a game so much that they feel the need to replicate it in reality. Fictional vehicles are great because they’re recognizable and they stick out from the pack, but they also symbolize a lot of love by their owners.

The following are some of the most interesting vehicles people have chosen to recreate.

Mystery Machine

mystery machine flickr image by waferboard

Image via Flickr by waferboard

There’s no mystery solving vehicle quite as memorable as this one. Instantly recognizable from Scooby Doo in his various iterations, this is the perfect vehicle for taking your crew around town – dressed as the Scooby Gang, of course – and for the constant running gag of trying to keep your group’s Shaggy from eating everything in sight.

Modern Batmobile

If you love dune buggies, the modern Batmobile is just the thing. With massive tires, a sleek design, and serious ruggedness, it’s almost like Batman was channeling Indiana Jones for this car’s design. This is the perfect car for taking down psychotic freaks and being the kind of hero your city needs.

Mach 5

Maybe you’re not Speed Racer, and you probably shouldn’t drive on the street like you’re on a race track. But with the Mach 5, you’ll be leaving other folks in the dust. Like a lot of the cars on this list, you can buy the basic chassis for this at DriveTime in Memphis and only make a few changes to make your vehicle something special.

Party Wagon

Did you grow up watching the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? If you’re like a lot of young adults today, you most likely did and this was one of the most popular vehicles on the show. While you probably can’t get your own Technodrome or a blimp you can land in your yard, having your own Party Wagon is very doable. The devil is in the details, with the intense gritted teeth on the front bumper and the ridged opening side panels.

Oldschool Batmobile

Twenty years ago, this was the Bat vehicle to have. While it’s been eclipsed by the modern version, this one has great curves and rides low – perfect for taking down penguins, cat people, and painted up crazies.

Land Speeder

Face it, you’ve dreamed of being Luke Skywalker. While the real-life version of the speeder bike doesn’t actually fly, rolling versions do exist. How much fun would it be to blaze around town and leave people in your Force?


The M12 Force Application Vehicle, commonly known as the Warthog, is a staple of Halo games. If you’ve played the popular series, you know how awesome these are to have and how annoying it is when the opposition has one. Built on a jeep chassis, the only downside here is that you can’t legally put any weaponry on this vehicle.

The real world is full of vehicles recreated from popular works of fiction. How many have you seen near you?

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