5 Surprising Uses of 3D Animation Software

5 Surprising Uses of 3D Animation Software

When most people think of digital animation, flashy CGI special effects come to mind. Today’s animation software is used to create some of the entertainment industry’s most realistic video games, movies, and animated music videos. Yet computer animation is a practical tool used in a variety of different industries aside from the entertainment field. The following are a few uses of 3D software you may not be aware of.

1. Auto Design

Many of today’s top automakers use 3D animation software to construct realistic models of new concept cars. Whether testing individual parts or how they would fit together as a whole, 3D models are now an important part of the design process. This not only saves the manufacturers a great deal of money, but it also makes auto design more accurate. Designers can feel free to be more imaginative, because using a virtual model allows them to solve problems that would normally require building expensive and time-consuming physical models of their concepts.

2. Medical Animation


Another field that animation is used in is the medical industry. Animators can use 3D modelling programs to transform patient data into 3D visual images, visualize how new pharmaceuticals will work within the body, and demonstrate new surgical techniques. This is extremely useful for medical students, who can gain realistic practical experience performing surgery on accurate computerized models. This type of application requires a high attention to detail and anatomical accuracy to be effective, often used with top of the line video imaging technology.

3. Forensics

Popular animation programs like Autodesk Maya are now even used to solve crimes. This field is called forensic animation, which is another highly specialized use of top animation technology. With forensic animation, a professional will be able to recreate the appearances of suspects, objects used in criminal activity, or crime scenes. With these computerized recreations, detectives can piece together what happened in a crime. Recreating car accidents is one prime example, helping insurance companies determine who was at fault. These animated recreations show all of the varying factors that could have influenced the accident, including road construction, weather conditions, and debris in the road.

4. Interior Decorating

Architects often make use of 3D modelling technology to create models of buildings from their original computerized blueprints. Yet interior decorators also embrace this same technology, which allows them to play around with a wide variety of potential room decorations. They can use different furnishings, patterns, and textures to achieve a realistic animated model of what the finished product will look like before spending a dime on materials.

5. Astronomy

The ancient study of astronomy has come a long way since the telescope was first invented. Today’s astronomers use computerized models and animated simulations of stars and planets to learn more about their patterns. By recreating their historical movements, scientists can try to understand more concrete information about mysterious entities like black holes and galaxy formation. Animation allows scientific professionals to use known facts to create new theories.

These are just a few lesser known ways that 3D animation software is used in many diverse industries. With greater accuracy and creative tools at their disposal, professionals can useanimated models for educational and speculative purposes.

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