5 reasons to build a dam for your rural property

5 reasons to build a dam for your rural propertyEverybody is familiar with the idea of a dam; some are muddy and seemingly bottomless, some are almost pitch black with run off and sediment, others are clean and always brimming, but rarely do we expect to see one beyond the limits of a genuine farm. While the benefits of damming your land may seem obscure and slightly ill- considered in the absence of several head of cattle, building a dam on your rural property is surprisingly tactical. Take a look at some of the advantages below to see how building a dam might just fit into your to-do-list.

Harvesting rainwater

Do you dream of becoming self-sustainable? The most obvious and greatest benefit of building a dam on your rural property is harvesting rainwater. Depending on the landscape and position of your property, building a dam could be a positive opportunity to regularly gather large quantities of rain water for use in your home or business. That dream green grass could become a cost free reality – imagine the satisfaction of not paying premium for water utilities? Tempting.

Irrigate crops/garden

Spare yourself a few dollars at the check-out and explore the possibilities of vegetable growing. Whether you grow food crops or flowers, why not consider using water from your dam for irrigation? Over time, using rainwater will lower your costs by reducing your reliance on town water. This is particularly important as the cost of water rises.

Water for animals

Rainwater is a good alternative for animals on your property. Work animals or animals bred for profit can drink this water as an alternative to town water. You can either construct the dam in the existing animal field, or implement pumps to send dam water directly to the animals when needed. Domestic animals can also benefit from using dam water for drinking and bathing.

Drinking water

You may have heard water is a finite resource; on some rural properties, you have the option to use a dam to collect rainwater, which is then treated to become drinking water for your home and family. Depending on the remoteness of your property, this can be a good option during drought or bushfire season where your property may be cut off from the community for some time; it will also help firemen during times of desperate need, as water supplies run low in their engines.

Water for cleaning

Dam water is an excellent choice for cleaning. Whether washing down trucks or other business or home equipment, using dam water can ensure that your equipment is kept in good working shape, but doesn’t drain on your drinking water or get you in trouble with the Local Council.

Are you surprised by the variety of uses for dam water? It may be worth investing in constructing one for your property. Remember that the long term benefit of your dam will soon outweigh the cost of construction, though if you are concerned about cost, Fabric Solutions Australia have a variety of options that may suit your needs.

Ricky Harrison has many years of experience in farming, after growing up in rural NSW. He loves to share advice.

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