4 Major Things to Consider while Insuring your iPhone 4S

Image Credit: Flickr.com

Image Credit: Flickr.com

Are you planning to buy an iPhone 4s? Then surely you are looking for good third party insurance as your manufacturer warranty will not cover all risks. Now, let’s have a look on major coverage which gives you complete peace of mind.

They are:

  • Accidental damage
  • Mechanical breakdown
  • Loss & theft
  • Unauthorized calls

Accidental damage coverage:

Imagine a situation, one sunny morning you were having coffee when your dog jumped at you and you accidentally spilled coffee on your brand new phone! – Accidents, no matter big or small, may happen when it is most unasked for. And most sadly a manufacture warranty doesn’t cover accidental damages. So what will happen to your phone? Is it gone completely and you loose all your hard earned money just like that? No…obviously not. There are some third party insurers who provide accidental damage coverage for your phone. While most insurance providers offer you accidental damage, you should pay close attention to what incidents are they including in accidental damage category. Accidental damage should include liquid damage, damage from drop, breakage, and so on. Talk to your insurance provider to know more about these.

Mechanical breakdown coverage:

Modern complex iPhone 4s have complex internal parts. And with each new update, things are getting even more complicated. So, when any of the internal parts of your phone fails to perform at the optimum level, it reflects on your phone. If this happens during the first few months of purchasing your phone, then you will still have manufacturers’ warranty. But what after the manufacturer’s warranty has expired? This is the time when you need any third party insurance like Protect Your Bubble iPhone 4s insurance to cover for you.

Loss & theft Coverage:

More than 70% of mobile insurance claims are due to theft, loss and disappearance. You may very well understand the pain of losing a high priced phone like iPhone4s. And to make the matter even worse, most warranties won’t cover you in case your phone is lost or stolen. In such a situation, opting for any third party insurance, like Protect Your Bubble UK, for your iPhone4s can be a good idea. With such insurance you can get coverage against theft, loss and disappearance of your iPhone.

Coverage against unauthorized calls

Suppose someone has stolen your phone and knows that you will report the incident to your network provider soon and your phone will be blacklisted. So he will try to make as many calls from your phone as he can during the time your phone is still working. And the sad part is that you will have to pay the bill for that. But if you have insurance for your iPhone 4s with a reputed insurance provider, they will offer you a cover for all these unauthorized calls. This way you won’t have to pay the hefty bill that was generated due to unauthorized calling.

Always remember the followings:

Never opt for any insurance provider without doing the following –

 – you should always compare the insurance policies before settling for the most suitable policy for your iPhone.

Read the reviews – you should always read the reviews in order to understand whether the company sticks to its promises or not. There are many online review sites where you can read the reviews. 

Ask questions – whenever you are in doubt, always ask questions. If you are unsure about any clause, resolve your query with the insurance provider. This will help you find the best insurance provider for your phone and restore your peace of mind.

Follow these simple steps and land in to the best insurance for your phone.

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