32 Ways Twitter is Affecting Your Work Life

Social media is everywhere. Everyone is updated about every detail of your life every second of the day. Some of us are worse than others. Here are a couple of ways Twitter may be interfering with your professional life.

1. Your phone alarm wasn’t set because you were too busy tweeting last night.

2. The first thing you do when you wake up is check your Twitter.

3. When you’re running late, grabbing a quick snack to hold yourself over until lunch or tweeting about the fact that you’re running late is a great debate.

4. You forgot to grab your keys because you were tweeting about running late.

5. Stop lights are the favorite part of your commute.

6. You spend an extra minute in your car reading/composing a tweet before you go into work…even though you’re late.

7. Bathroom breaks mysteriously occur more often and last longer at work. Long enough for your manager to ask if you are feeling well.

8. You make the lunch line at work move slower because you’re focused on your Twitter.

9. The cafeteria employee has to find you because you walked away without paying for your lunch.


11. #firstworldproblems #sorrylunchlady #whyaremylunchessoshort

12. You didn’t get to eat half of your lunch because you were coming up with witty hashtags.

13. “#” is no longer a number sign.

14. When using your work e-mail, you try to add people to the e-mail by typing @name.

15. You no longer read CNN, Fox, NY Times, or any other news site to keep up with current events during downtime.

16. You know more about a long-lost high school acquaintance and his/her lunch than about current events.

17. Current events only occur once you’ve seen them on Twitter.

twitter gangsta nickyblog mtmb

18. You wonder if everything before March 2006 really happened.

19. All of your work e-mails are under 140 characters in length.

20. You don’t care if co-workers find you on Facebook because that’s such an outdated piece of social media.

21. You judge your co-workers if they don’t have a Twitter.

22. If they do have a Twitter, you judge them if they have an underscore or numbers in their user name. If they do, this means that they were late in joining Twitter.

23. You boast about how long you’ve been Tweeting to your co-workers.

24. The amount of followers you have is more important than the number of people that will be sitting in on your work presentation.

25. In your presentation, you mention that your company needs to start using Twitter for marketing.

26. You volunteer yourself to lead that project.

27. Your business card has your Twitter username on it.

28. You have 2 Twitter accounts; one for work, one for personal use.

29. You have a 3rd one for junk Tweets.

30. You leave work late because you were too busy tweeting about your work day ending.

31. You put this time in as “overtime.”

32. You rinse and repeat these signs of addiction 5 times a week.

About the author: Michael is a blogger for Smith Monitoring, a company that provides the best Spring Valley home security system and Fort Worth security systems. He enjoys his fair share of technology and social media, but hates watching his co-workers glue their faces to mobile devices.


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